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CI1184-001 Air Jordan 4 Black Laser Comfirm to Release Next Week

blair2019 | 14 Januar, 2019 14:44

In 2019, Nike Air Jordan Sneakers also officially celebrated the 30th anniversary of the birth of Air Jordan 4. Presumably, in the whole year, it will be indispensable. Since it is an anniversary, natural new products must be more sincere. Although the female pink patent leather Air Jordan 4, which had been planted by everyone before, was not on the shelves in China, the black laser Air Jordan 4 Black Laser, which is full of laser patterns, is set to be coming next week, perhaps for the AJ4. The little friend brings a little comfort. The pattern is very similar to the silver Air Jordan 4 laser that was introduced in the early years. The black body is matched with a white midsole and a raw rubber outsole. Under the sturdy appearance, the laser pattern spread over the upper, and many elements of Jordan are presented in a totem style. Exquisite and exquisite details. In everyday wear, black shoes are not only more resistant to dirt, but also wear almost even all-round. It is good to wear and not pick people. Even if you step on to work, it will not be too awkward!

This year, Nike teamed up with Jordan Brand and Converse to release the 2019 Chinese New Year CNY series. Nike Air Max 98 CNY Inspired by the Chinese folklore “Hundreds of Clothes”, Nike brings a visual feast, and the lineup of shoes is unprecedentedly luxurious! Following the Air Jordan 12's debut, the highly playable double-layer upper design covers two Nike Air Max 98s of the Nike CNY series exclusive elements over the past 12 years.

This year, the Nike series has been officially released, and the wind "CNY" that debuted has given everyone a surprise, known as this year's hidden Boss. But never expected, today there is a Nike Air Force 1 CNY exposure, it seems that this year's hidden style is really quite a lot. Air Force 1 is an essential shoe in the annual CNY collection. This year's color scheme does not incorporate the obvious zodiac elements, similar to Air Max 98, using a variety of advanced material stitching designs. A satin material embroidered with flowers is used at the toe, and the middle part resembles a colorful pattern of origami, and the heel is a red serpent patent leather. The Swoosh Logo is presented in yellow, and the edge stitching looks like the OFF-WHITE co-branded style.

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Inertia Plan to Release Early 2019

blair2019 | 04 Januar, 2019 14:47

In the new year, the new Yeezy series is mainly based on the adidas Yeezy Boost 700. Previously, there were three pairs of new color schemes. Recently, the Instagram shoe account onusinfo first appeared in a pair of adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Inertia physical map, it seems that the official release is getting closer. Compared with the renderings, the first exposure of the real thing has subtle differences, the shoes are made of different shades of gray, the light gray upper is slightly blue, only the orange and pink embellishment is added in the midsole, and the first hair The style of the color scheme is completely different, and there is still no bright color. It seems that the shoes of the new year have been changed to low-key wild routes.

The 2018 that has just passed is definitely the big year of Air Jordan 1. Whether it is the re-enactment of OG's classic color scheme or the debut of the new color scheme, it has become a hot commodity on the market. Jordan Brand continued the development of the new color scheme and re-launched a high-profile Air Jordan 1 High Premium for girls. This pair of sneakers is based on a 9-hole shoe and is finished with a black powder color scheme. Black and white knit fabric is used from the toe to the tongue, and the Swoosh Logo and upper pattern are decorated in pink marble with an overall texture.

Nike Air Max 98 has returned to people's attention last year. With the classic retro style and impressive color matching, it has won many players' favor! And in 2019, it still maintains a new rhythm, and this pair of fresh and refreshing new details is worthy of your attention! Nike Air Max 98 Metallic Silver shoes are white with a main tone, Swoosh and heel shoes are infused with a bright red decoration, and the navy blue midsole cushion adds a rich layer! What is special is that the inside of the shoe body is made of metal-glossy silver embroidery to create the "98" lettering. It is different from the previous conventional style, highlighting the identity of the shoe type, and highlighting the unique personality, which is very ceremonial!

Fragment x Air Jordan 1 Black Toe Will Return In 2019

blair2019 | 25 Decembar, 2018 13:40

In 2014, the birth of a pair of Fragment x Air Jordan 1 made the sneaker circle more than a pair of fetishes. The rising price proved its supremacy in countless shoe fans. As early as 2017, there was news that the two sides will once again cooperate with each other. This time, it will bring a more popular black toe color, but it was confirmed to be a rumor. In November of this year, many sneakers exposed account numbers called the new lightning joint name Fragment x Air Jordan 1 Black Toe will be re-enacted in 2019, but there is no physical map. Recently, some people actually exposed the shoes on Instagram. It seems that the legendary Air Jordan 1 is going to become a reality. You can see that the two lightning bolts completely use the design of the first year Black Toe Air Jordan 1. . The first year of the black toe Air Jordan 1 is a black tongue, the subsequent replica version is a white tongue, followed by the imprint Fragment Lightning Logo highlights the noble joint status.

Next year is the 30th anniversary of Air Jordan 4, with a lot of OG color matching and new color matching. In January next year, in addition to the girl-only "Hot Punch", there will be a black laser color matching. Less than a month before the release, the official map has been released recently. At the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan series, a very high-purity pure white laser AJ4 was introduced. This time, the Air Jordan 4 SE Laser Black Gum is similar in style to the full upper, and the full upper is covered with a laser pattern. But the upper is made of black leather, which makes the laser texture more low-key. It is said that the texture of the upper has a 3M reflective effect. Although there is no physical map to produce a reflective effect, it is exciting to think about it! The overall color is pure black with a white midsole and a raw rubber outsole. The look is retro and versatile. At present, AJ4 has taken off the whole line. White cement, motorcycle blue and other white cabbage prices have been 2000+! Next, AJ4 may become the next hot shoe type after AJ1. As one of the earliest color combinations to be released next year, this black laser is more worthy of attention.

The Nike Air Force 1 is often immersed in a variety of elements for its classic versatile look, with a multi-colour scheme. Among them, military outdoor style has been launched in recent years. This time Nike Air Force 1 once again brought a military outdoor wind dress and added a new leafy camouflage element. One of them is a classic leafy camouflage that is common in military and outdoor clothing. It is equipped with black embellishment and raw rubber outsole. It is very outdoor, not only full of personality but also very resistant to dirt and practical. In addition to the deciduous primary colors, white and orange color combinations are also introduced, which also have a foliate upper texture, but the overall style is more individual and offers more matching options.

New adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Static is Really So Cool

blair2019 | 17 Decembar, 2018 13:35

After last week's yellow zebra, the Yeezy 350 V2 is about to usher in this year's finale, which is the translucent adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Static color scheme that everyone expects for a long time. Earlier we reported that this color scheme not only has a translucent design, but also a rare version with a reflective effect. Today there is a set of physical images taken in low light, designed to show off its cool reflective effects. For the first time, the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 has undergone a major change. The overall design is light gray. The new woven texture has never been seen before. The semi-transparent gauze material is added to replace the original paint strip print. The upper leg will definitely bring the color matching to the past. Different feelings. This special version also adds a 3M reflective material to the entire woven upper, which shines under the light and has a starry feel.

This year, Air Jordan 1 is extremely popular, and even women's exclusive color matching is extremely popular. Like the silk smashing is designed for women, but then the boys have also bought a large size on the high price, which shows its charm. This year's last female exclusive Air Jordan 1 fashion network red Aleali May x Air Jordan 1 will be released this weekend, the latest physical and foot map released. The Air Jordan 1 is luxuriously styled, and the upper is made of red, blue, pink, purple and other colors of suede. The sleek design is gorgeous, and the leather lining and insole show the luxurious temperament. Most notable is the addition of a detachable fur design at the tongue that connects to the tongue through a snap fit. The fur is removed to bring a simple sporty style, and the upper legs are more versatile. The fur is gorgeous and adds a warm look, suitable for winter wear.

Every year, Nike will launch a large number of new Air Force 1 products, in addition to the classic solid color system, it will add a lot of new and interesting design elements. Recently, a pair of new Air Force 1 with a smile on the upper is printed with white and pink. This year Nike brought the Nike Air Force 1 Have A Nike Day series, which is one of the representative logos. The blessing with this pattern should be loved by many girls.

SoleFly x Air Jordan 1 Still Need Wait to Release

blair2019 | 11 Decembar, 2018 12:50

Miami Sneakers SoleFly has always had a relationship with Jordan Brand. After all, the main person is Jordan's nephew, and both sides have a tradition of selling limited-edition shoes at the Art Basel Art Show in Miami every year. This year is no exception! Extremely pleasing color, rare limited identity, last year's two joint versions on the yacht, have become astronomical! This year, the two sides again brought two new color matching colors for Air Jordan 1. Among them, the black and green patent leather is expected to be limited to 223 pairs, and the other is very similar to the familiar color of the crushed backboard. MIA and 305 are placed on the inside of the tongue, representing the English abbreviation of Miami and the telephone area code of Miami. Before the release, P.J. Tucker and DJ Khaled both came out in advance, and they were able to win the favor of the two “shoe kings” at the same time. The popularity of this SoleFly x Air Jordan 1 is naturally foreseeable! It is scheduled to be released at the Art Basel Art Exhibition in Miami on December 8th. However, because of the large number of people on the scene and the confusion, even the local police were alarmed. SoleFly had to cancel the event temporarily and re-sell it in other ways. Look at the picture below and feel it! The queuing crowds are pushing each other and are almost out of control. If they are not controlled in time, they are very dangerous. High popularity, rare quantities, and exclusive identity for exclusive distribution in Miami alone, it is impossible to get the original price into the phone.

The entire sneaker circle has been waiting for a long time. The Air Jordan 11 Concord finally came on sale last weekend. Have you bought it? In order to build Concord, Jordan Brand made the first advertisement for replica shoes. The famous German shoe store BSTN is a bloody one, creating a Concord theme Ducati 916 motorcycle! Due to Jordan's love of motorcycle sports, creating a customized motorcycle is the best way to pay tribute to him. This Ducati 916 “Concord” is not only the same as the color matching, but also restores the Concord style from the overall line to the details of materials and textures. The body line has been redesigned to give the same rounded lines as the AJ11 sneakers, and the glossy black and white finish is also very expressive. The side of the tire fits into the sole texture of the AJ11, and the seat section uses a stripe design that restores the Concord upper. In addition to this, there are many details to pay tribute to Concord.

This year, adidas combines the shape of the foot and the Boost cushioning and Primeknit weaving technology to bring the new blue sneaker adidas Crazy BYW. Fashion and a few deconstruction concepts have attracted the attention of many sneaker players. Recently, a new product with more unique details is worthy of your attention! The shoes are made of black woven material with purple texture, which is more star-studded sci-fi and fashion than the previous solid color dress. It is equipped with a large-area Boost cushioning technology that runs through the sole of the foot to provide a full range of comfortable feet!

Nike M2K Tekno Will Come with Corduroy Textured Colorways

blair2019 | 03 Decembar, 2018 00:26

As a relatively affordable shoe, Nike M2K Tekno became one of the most popular shoes in this year's "Dad Shoe" craze, and this time Nike also released a new "Corduroy & Textured" series for this shoe. The series has a combination of dark green, gray and brown. In addition to retaining the contours of vintage running shoes, the design uses suede and corduroy and fabric to make the shoe body, enriching the upper details.

Immediately after the arrival of the earlier "South Beach" color, Nike continued to use Nike Epic React Flyknit as the title, and revealed another popular color scheme "Multicolor". Responding to the name of the shoe, the Flyknit woven upper is infused with a variety of different colors, and this is what Nike has always been good at, in addition to the Swoosh Logo, midsole, outsole and shoelace system. In addition, the configuration is followed by a popular black tone. In addition, the blue epic react of the heel pull ring and the nike lettering on the inside of the shoe are also the highlights.

I introduced it to you earlier, Nike React Element 87 derivative shoes React Element 55 This season, we have a pair of British sneakers in the size of the exclusive color, this time for everyone to bring more details of the shoe. The new shoes were inspired by Nike's "Escape Pack" released in 1988, and the colors of Windrunner, Lahar and Air Force III were re-interpreted. The body of these React Element 55 is made of plaid black rupture nylon with a brown suede accent on the eyelet and a silver reflective Swoosh and iconic React Element outsole. .


blair2019 | 27 Novembar, 2018 13:47

OFF-WHITE x Nike This wave of joint names excites everyone. The shoes continue the design style of the OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Force 1 joint design. The overall color is mainly white, and the slogans of major brands are also printed on the inside of the shoes. , to increase the exclusive characteristics of brand joint names. The eye-catching "AIR" in the bottom white crystal is inspired by the classic inheritance of the Nike air force 1 shoe. The co-branded designer, Virgil Abloh, has established a partnership since he first visited NIKE headquarters in October of October. Adolescent Virgil Abloh sketched a sketch of his shoes with his friends and sent it to Nike. "We fell in love with Air Jordan," said Virgil Abloh, 36, who is based in Milan and Chicago. "Michael Jordan is a legend. In my heart he is Superman. My entire design background and spirit are from the 90s. ”Off-White designer Virgil Abloh is going crazy with his Nike collaboration. The original release of “The Ten” stuck to a plain all-white colorway, with a splash of color for the Jordan 1. Since then, Off-White and Nike have expanded their collaboration massively, roping in new silhouettes and more audacious color schemes. The latest pack of new colorways has been teased for some time now, leaking much earlier in the year. However, it wasn’t until this week that a release date was finally revealed. Using the Air Force 1 Low as their canvas, Virgil and Nike have decked out the shoe entirely in both black and their signature volt tone, with quick hits of white or black on the Swoosh and “AIR” motifs.

The adidas Yeezy Boost 700 V2 is coming. First leaked by Kanye himself when he first jumped back onto Twitter earlier this year, the updated silhouette will first arrive in a subtle new colorway. Currently referred to as the “Static” look, this colorway covers the latest adidas Yeezy Boost in shades of white and pale grey, making this a perfect Spring or Summer model.

The adidas Yeezy Boost 700 V2 retains much of the same profile as the last year’s original iteration. The new version uses the same outsole as before and reworks the entire upper for a more layered look. According to YeezyMafia, the 700 V2 will be made primarily from suede and nubuck, meaning a significant jump in quality from 2017’s original look. The toe box on the new model is slightly more jagged, and the sides feature long strips for support just above the sole, similar to the adidas Yeezy 500. The lacing system is similar to the original, though the central eyelets are instead loopholes. Three new stripes have been added to the quarter panel, in a material that was recently confirmed to be a fully reflective 3M. Finally, the adidas Yeezy Boost 700 V2 is completed by several suede layers on the heel to provide a more stable, cupped feel, as opposed to the single piece on the original model.

Shop discount White Nike Air Force 1 Mid

blair2019 | 15 Novembar, 2018 13:45

White Nike Air Force 1 Mid was previewed earlier in the year by Cruz that was said to be limited to friends and family with only 50 pairs made. For the holiday season, Nike has finally released the popular silhouette alongside the “Tan Suede” pair. Both comes with Cruz’s former jersey number and “VIC” lettering with a Swoosh on the tongue – all done in Metallic.

Star Lord needs the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit Utility Team Red in his collection. Perfectly complementing his signature red jacket, a cord lock lacing system offers the ultimate lockdown fit while he’s floating around in space.

While he’s not wearing boots crafted from mythical creatures, Thor should probably cop the Nike Air Max 97 Black Silver. A combination of two of the model’s most iconic colourways, the God of Thunder needs to start his sneaker collection off with this. Crafted from premium leather and breathable mesh, hits of red can be found throughout, mimicking the demigod’s signature cape.If the Vision had to buy a sneaker, it should be the Nike Air Max 97 Jacket Pack. Dressed in the android’s iconic colour scheme of deep purple and green, there’s absolutely no debating that these should be its first crep. Accents of yellow feature throughout, inspired by the Mind Stone embedded in its forehead.

Best Place to Buy blue white Gundam Nike Air Max 98

blair2019 | 04 Novembar, 2018 02:13

With the popularity of the retro trend, Air Max 97 is a big hit this year, and next year will usher in the 20th anniversary of Air Max 98, what classic re-enactment will it bring? At the beginning of 2018, it will bring the blue white Gundam Nike Air Max 98! Retro shoe type, full palm Air Max air cushion, plus OG color, you are not going to start a pair? This year coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Nike Air Max 97. After Nike re-enacted a large number of color schemes and launched an upgraded version, it ignited the craze of Air Max 97, and next year will usher in the 20th anniversary of Air Max 98. Will re-enact a lot of classics!

Recently, there are many classic Nike Air Max 98 Cream White in the network, including the blue and white "Gundam" of Yuanzu color, and the other two pairs are red and beige and white, and the retro style is very rich. Nowadays, the first king of the street, Supreme and Nike, the old drivers of the sneaker industry, will bring attention to the global influx every time, and the cooperation between the two sides in the field of sneakers is the focus of attention! The earliest joint shoe between Supreme and Nike dates back to 2002, eight years after the brand was founded. At the beginning of the popularity of Nike Dunk SB, it was natural to work with Supreme, which started with skateboarding. The color matching is based on the Air Jordan 3 classic burst crack, which clearly shows the shadow of True Blue and Bred, the favorite of Guan Xi, and the countless Dunk SB collector's press box treasure.

Supreme's joint name with Nike has become more and more popular in recent years. Thanks to the ingenious design of the brain, the charm of the classic shoes and the iconic street elements of Supreme are perfectly combined. Whether it's the Air Jordan 5 or Nike Air Max 98's co-branded collection, it's a multi-colour scheme that delivers an unforgettable presentation. This year, the cooperation between the two sides continued to move forward. The Nike Air More Uptempo was selected as the blueprint. The illusion of the AIR model of the classic "big AIR" sneakers was changed and the words "SUP" were presented! Not only shows the identity of the joint name, this unique personality is also an unexpected surprise!

Best Place to Buy Nigel Sylvester x Air Jordan 1

blair2019 | 25 Oktobar, 2018 16:18

The Nigel Sylvester x Air Jordan 1 brand new shoes that have been reported to you recently released the full official website picture, which means that the official release of this new joint-name shoe will be ushered in. The joint shoe is Jordan Brand and BMX. Good cooperation with Nigel Sylvester, Nigel Sylvester is known for his superb BMX skills and the first-person POV challenge series "GO", and the pair of Air Jordan 1 he has used is the largest in vintage. Features. The upper part of the shoe is made of yellowish white fabric, which seems to have been soaked and corroded by sea water. It looks quite soft and has a texture improvement. The black lining is lined with white Jordan Brand bicycle. The brand "JORDAN BIKING CO. EST. 2017" has the words, the tongue and the laces match the red outsole, while the side of the shoe is decorated with a Mini Swoosh.

BMX driver Nigel Sylvester is known as the "Car God" in Europe and America for his outstanding BMX technology, and Air Jordan 11 Retro Wheat Yellow is also a big fan of Air Jordan 1 in the Jordan Brand series. Jordan Brand will launch a joint Air Jordan 1 for Nigel Sylvester and the design will be handed over to Nigel Sylvester. The Nigel Sylvester x Air Jordan 1 joint limited edition shoe will be available for sale this week. The body is covered with worn detail and worn-out treatment, and the details are hidden in 3M. According to Nigel Sylvester, this retro-old version of the Air Jordan 1 design is inspired by the fact that the bicycle does not have a brake when riding, usually relying on shoes as a brake tool. The wear and tear of this series of shoes highlights the street culture of riding a BMX. Nigel Sylvester is known for his superb BMX skills and the first-person POV challenge series “GO”, this time the pair of Air Jordan 1 is the most characteristic of vintage and old. The upper part of the shoe is made of yellowish white fabric, which seems to have been soaked and corroded by sea water; black lining, tongue and lace are matched with red outsole; and the side of the shoe is embellished with a Mini Swoosh. .

Still the iconic shoe-type guarantee, Nigel Sylvester x Air Jordan 1 is still an emphasis on style in overall creation. The beginning of this piece is the addition of Jordan Brand and the well-known American professional BMX athlete Nigel Sylvester, which Nike Air VaporMax 2.0 White Pink is quite rare in the field of creation. In addition, the old details are worn throughout, and the resulting design is impressive. In terms of details, the outer Swoosh Logo and the Flying Wing Logo are directly embellished, and the clear lines and unique leather brace also make the whole sneakers reflect the hard work of Nigel Sylvester. The upper and the midsole are realistic yellowing and old-fashioned effects. The outer Swoosh Logo and the Flying Wing Logo are not leather stitching or hot stamping, but are outlined by lines and painted white, just like the original Logo opening line is off. The same as the white strokes. Nigel Sylvester, Air Jordan 1, A realistic old-fashioned effect! Nigel Sylvester x Air Jordan 1 The all-round preview of the toe and heel mimics the wear and effect. Even though the outsole is not worn, it has been made with dirt. Although there is no other neat and tidy AJ1, this is a pair of story-telling sneakers that remind people of Nigel Sylvester's wearing AJ1 hard-working skills. The unique design of the super-details is definitely a sincerity compared to just changing the color and playing the logo. Whether it's on the foot or in the collection, you can give the impression that you are a sneaker. This AJ1 belongs to the NRG series, and the process is so complicated. I am afraid that the number may be scarce, so don't underestimate it.

Will you cop a pair adidas YEEZY BOOST 700 Mauve?

blair2019 | 17 Oktobar, 2018 14:51

Just now we have reported about the Adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 Static will be delayed for sale, for fans who are looking forward to this "Static" shoes, I feel a little regret. However, just after we reported that the YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 “Static” release may be postponed, there is an update from the latest internal news release regarding the release of YEEZY BOOST 700 “Mauve”. According to the latest news, the sale of this YEEZY BOOST 700 “Mauve” will be as high as 84,000 pairs. If the news is true, then the possibility of starting the YEEZY BOOST 700 “Mauve” at the original price will be Greatly improve.

However, the current gaze is still on the YEEZY BOOST 700. The adidas YEEZY BOOST 700 Mauve color scheme was announced in our earlier report at the end of October, so it really has to be a highlight. It is worth locking out that this high-definition design picture of this color has been fully exposed, and it is indeed an eye-addiction for friends who cannot buy. Still the iconic old-fashioned shoes creation atmosphere, it can be seen that the thick back of the midsole is the most detailed with fluorescent green, and the body of the shoe is brown and purple to ensure the basic texture. The whole pair of shoes is made of dark purple and decorated with blue and black mesh materials. The most eye-catching is the two-point fluorescent yellow on the midsole.

Yeezy Boost 700 “Mauve” is mainly dark-colored, rendered in deep purple, and has a contrast effect on the black fabric of the mesh fabric and the black leather body and the bright fluorescent yellow BOOST midsole, so Adidas Falcon W YUNG-2 Black White was originally called "Kiwi" color matching. The overall style of the shoes is dark gray, the upper is matched with black, and the midsole still retains the bright fluorescent yellow accents. As early as March of this year, there have been photos taken by the media on the grandfather's foot. The photos in the photo show that the grandfather is in a good mood, not only smiles but also cooperates with the V-hand.

Buy Best Price Adidas Falcon W YUNG-2 Light Pink

blair2019 | 09 Oktobar, 2018 02:13

With the retro design and the price of the civilians, the adidas two old shoes Yung-1 and Adidas Falcon W YUNG-2 Light Pink are in the limelight. After a number of regular color schemes, the new "Acid House" color matching series, which is linked to the UK trend store size?, will be launched soon. Both sneakers are styled with the iconic yellow smiley face of Acid House. The Yung-1 is dominated by yellow and decorated in black and white, while Falcon is dominated by gray and white with yellow and black accents. The insole is also printed with a unique smile. This smile image comes from the national fitness program launched in Germany in the 1970s, in line with the retro sports genes of the shoes.

The OFF-WHITE x Nike joint name can be said to be "smooth and quiet" in this year's release, and it will bring a lot of new color schemes quietly, and will not be absent almost every month! China did not welcome the new OW x Blazer Mid in the National Day Golden Week, but today it has exposed two new products, which are based on the Nike Zoom Fly SP. The two pairs of OFF-WHITE x Nike Zoom Fly SP use a translucent upper, and both colors are quite pleasing. One is a black and white classic versatile dress, and the other is a bright scent index, which is presented in different shades of pink, both full of personality and a good visual level.

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,The joint Fragment Deisgn x Air Jordan 1 shoes are made of simple, white, black and blue, giving you a special feeling of familiarity and refreshment. After repeatedly exposing the physical object, it has finally confirmed the domestic release date, which will be officially released on December 27, and will be registered on the China official website.The body is set against a white background, the toe is black, the heel and upper are wrapped in royal blue, and the classic lightning logo embodies its exclusive co-branded identity.

OFF-WHITE x Nike Air VaporMax

blair2019 | 26 Septembar, 2018 02:58

OFF-WHITE is making major moves this year as they have joined forces with Nike/Jordan Brand to release a collaborative collection. Some of the silhouettes that are included are the Air Jordan 1 High, Air Max 90 ICE, and the all-new Air VaporMax. Today we bring you our best look yet at the OFF-WHITE x Nike Air VaporMax.Some of the key features of the OFF-WHITE x Nike Air VaporMax include a black Flyknit upper, a white Swoosh with exposed stitched detailing on the lateral side of the shoe, a neoprene tongue with perforations, “AIR” written on the ankle, an OG-inspired tongue tag, and unique Nike/OFF-WHITE branding on the medial ankle of the shoe.

Hold on tight, it’s about to be an enjoyable ride this summer for those that are a fan of the newly released Nike Air VaporMax. Today, we take a look at this upcoming Nike Air VaporMax Khaki colorway.Dressed in Earth Tones, this Nike Air VaporMax blends a mix of Khaki, Beige and Tan hues throughout its Flyknit upper. The Nike Swoosh logos on the side panels have 3M Reflective detailing, finished with a translucent VaporMax sole.

Buy Best Deal Adidas Pure Boost LTD Running Grey Siliver

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Adidas Pure Boost LTD Running Grey Siliver,Pharrell’s exclusive NMD line with adidas is blowing up.adidas and Pharrell Williams have dropped nothing but heat, and now, as part of the power duo’s latest collection, the Pharrell adidas Afro NMD Hu Pack Aqua Multi has been unveiled. This week, adidas Japan has shared images of a brand new NERD colorway, releasing exclusively in Japan sometime this Summer.Each colorway is kitted out with knitted mesh uppers detailed with a patterned theme, embroidered text on the forefoot, marble-like EVA insert plugs, lacing cage panels, Boost midsole, and a colored trail rubber outsole.Pharrell’s latest link up with adi had the hype train at full steam over the weekend, with the release of three new Hu NMD colourways.The pack consists of three adidas NMD Hu Trail silhouettes, each featuring a striped Black and White upper accented by bold colors.

Pharrell x adidas NMD Hu NERD line with adidas is one of the brand’s most popular partnerships right now.The latest NMD Human Race, this sneaker is as crazy as it gets. Painted in a head turning colour scheme of white, purple, orange, and light blue, the Pharrell x adidas Afro NMD Hu Pack Aqua Multi is crafted from Primeknit for a stretchy and breathable fit.Taking cues from the nexus between East Africa and running, Pharrell posited running as a ‘state of meditation’. The Tennis Hu features a Primeknit upper that is designed to look and feel handmade.This year alone will see the launch of several different Hu NMD collections, as well as the continued releases of his signature Tennis Hu sneaker, and a rumored new sneaker featuring BYW technology. While these are all very exciting drops in their own right, the next Pharrell x adidas Hu NMD is going to be a Japan-exclusive release with a signature touch from NERD.Other details includes a bead graphic around the ankle collar as a nod to the African heritage.

Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Matte Black,The latest addition to Pharrell x adidas NMD line may be one of the cleanest pairs yet. Its EVA midsole, suede overlays at the heel and toebox, as well as a unique lacing mechanism complete the look. Down below, an updated Trail outsole is present underfoot for added durability and grip, and to round it all off, embroidered text adorns the upper for an eye catching aesthetic. Similar to last year’s “Cream” colorway from the Holi collection, the new iteration features the same muted white color across the upper.He also said, ‘Why not go back to the motherland and take inspiration from such a vivid and rich culture? If you are still searching for a pair of unique sneakers to add to your collection, then look no further than the Pharrell x adidas Afro NMD Hu Pack Aqua Multi. The embroidered lettering across the shoes features NERD on one foot and Japanese characters on the second. A Boost midsole, solid colored EVA insert overlays and different color trail rubber outsoles completes each design. The reworked NMD cages are painted in a soft grey tone, matching the outsole that sandwiches a plain white Boost midsole. Finally, the new NERD x Pharrell x adidas Hu NMD features pink 3M laces to complete the exclusive look. Shop best pirce Pharrell x adidas NMD on Cadysport.

Where to buy best price Adidas Yung-1 Black Green ?

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Adidas Yung-1 Black Green ,The adidas Dragon Ball Z collaboration promises to be one of the years most enticing releases as seven shoes representing seven key figures of the epic anime series are slated to release.The latter, on the other hand, is inspired by Son Goku’s arch enemy.According to adidas, three of the most iconic battles in the DBZ era are re-imagined in sneaker form, and will feature seven silhouettes from the adidas line to represent the characteristics of the heroes and villains in the anime. Building upon the chunky Yung-1, this shoe is crafted from a combination of mesh, leather, and suede, the sneaker is painted in Frieza’s signature colour scheme of purple and white, with pink accents peppered throughout for a beautifully contrasted aesthetic. Each battle set of kicks — hero and villain — will drop on a monthly basis from September to December. The images above, courtesy of German retailer 43einhalb, give us our first official look at one of the two sneakers that will be dropping later this month.

The Dragon Ball Z x adidas collection is unquestionably the most hotly anticipated collaboration of 2018. Pharrell x Adidas Crazy BYW Boost Yellow White Black , Set to release sometime in September, the the ZX500 RM ‘Son Goku’ and the Yung-1 Frieza’ will be followed by the Prophere ‘Cell’ and Deerupt ‘Son Gohan ’ in October. The chunky, ’90s-inspired upper is done up in white, gray, and purple hues reminiscent of Dragon Ball Z’s Frieza character. The shoes will come in special Dragon Ball Z packaging, with each box coming together to form one large design — a nod to the tapestry-style images deployed on OG Dragon Ball magazines.The pack will finish with the 
Ultra Tech ‘Vegeta’ and the Kamanda ‘Majin Buu’ in November, and the EQT Mid ADV ‘Shenron’ will make an appearance in December.

Nike Air Max 97 Swarovski Black  ,This modernized version of the silhouette will come completed with a White Boost midsole.The “Frieza”-themed Yung-1 begins with a white base, layered with soft pink and deep purple tones, made to mimic the characters signature colors.Son Gohan vs. Cell, in the shape of a Deerupt and Prophere; and Vegeta vs. Majin Buu, who get an Ultra Tech and Kamanda. The materials are also made to mimic Frieza’s appearance, with suede, smooth leather, and even corduroy on the medial sides to emulate texture. Buy best price Dragon Ball Z x Adidas Yung-1 on Cadyshoes .

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